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The online store selling your dream French-girl wardrobe at a fraction of the cost The online store selling your dream French-girl wardrobe at a fraction of the cost Imagine this: you get access to one of Paris's coolest It-girls and her closet. You get to take whatever you want — think Chanel, Miu Miu and Givenchy — and she sells it to you for a fraction of the original price? Sounds good? Think that, but multiplied by thousands — or 3,500 new items a day — and you’ve got Vestiaire Collective.  Co-founded in 2009 by Parisian Fanny Moizant, Vestiaire Collective has previously only been available in Europe and the US, but news it's shipping to Australia (as of now) has officially changed the game when it comes to luxury shopping. The concept is simple. Vestiaire Collective provides an online space to buy and resell luxury items at a fraction of their original price, all in a trusted environment thanks to a three-step authentication process; basically, we’re talking luxury shoes, bags and clothing for prices you can actually afford.  “I had spotted a change in the way people were selling clothes online. Lots of people were starting to resell pieces, but they didn’t have any way of doing that safely and securely,” Moizant says of starting Vestiaire Collective.  With a community of over six million people and favoured by models, bloggers and celebrities (Thandie Newton and Rachel Weisz are fans) once each item has been popped online and sold, they are sent via Paris to be checked by the Authenticity department before being passed on to the Quality Control department.  With almost 30,000 submissions a week (or 4,500 a day) a team of curators and authentication experts then edit down submissions, honed according to key fashion trends, labels and exclusivity. Co-founder and director of product, Sophie Hersan says it’s this authentication process which has allowed the site to stand out from others, citing the importance of the trust that customers put into the company as a core pillar of what they do.   “Fighting the sale of counterfeit fashion online lies at the heart of the Vestiaire Collective model,” she says.

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