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Wildlife centre uses blue IKEA bags to carry around swans | Daily Mail Online

MailOnline iPhone app A bird sanctuary has found the ขายส่งกระเป๋าแฟชั่น สําเพ็ง perfect solution to rescuing and carrying its swans - the famous blue IKEA bag. The Secret World Wildlife Rescue Centre appealed for the trademark Frakta bags on Facebook after deciding it was the best way to transport the majestic birds. The 50p bags have been helping homeware shoppers for the last 30 years, but the Somerset wildlife charity says they are perfect for making sure they do not flap their wings as they are moved around – keeping them and their handlers safe. Staff at the Secret World Wildlife Rescue Centre in Somerset decided the famous blue IKEA bags were the best way to carry their swans  The sturdy 50p Frakta bags (pictured) are good at making sure the birds do not flap their wings when they are moved around, keeping them and their handlers safe  Staff at an IKEA store over 100 miles away in Reading spotted the centre's social media plea and sent more than 300 with a heart-warming letter. It reads: 'It's been talked about, made into dog-ponchos, used as a fashion accessory, for exercising... and now used to rescue swans. 'It must be the most hardworking bag in the world. 'We were so excited to see the bags helping the wildlife and so, we hope that these will help.'   The centre received over 300 bags (pictured) from IKEA's Reading branch over 100 miles away    CEO of the wildlife centre in East Huntspill David Foulds said: 'It's one of those things that goes far back in history. 'We had one or two and then put out a Facebook post about using them, then here we are getting a bulk load.' The centre does not just cater for swans and specialises in the 'rescue, rehabilitation and eventual release' of over 5,000 injured animals and bird every year.

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“The CHP is saying people are very upset, concerned and even putting themselves in harm’s way to ensure that injured animals are taken care of,” said Fraser Shilling, co-director of the UC Davis Road Ecology Center and the report’s co-author. “They find people crying and cradling the animal, people stopping traffic around the animal.” According to the report, large wild animals involved in traffic incidents in 2016 included 6,119 mule deer, 377 coyotes, 135 black bears, 44 elk, 43 mountain lions and 21 wild pigs. About 2700 of the animals died. In 2015, vehicles struck 5408 mule deer, 361 coyotes and 89 black bears according to the data, which Shilling said represents very conservative estimates. The increase was mostly driven by a jump in deer population after the end of California’s five-year drought, Shilling said. People are also frequently injured in these crashes, the report showed. In 2016, 285 people suffered minor injuries in collisions involving large wild animals, up from 235 in 2015, the report showed. Sixty-two people received major injuries in the crashes in 2016, up from 44 the prior year. Five people were killed both years.

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Textile Museum features new sustainable fashion exhibit

She added that clothing production doubled from 2000 to 2014 with about 15 percent cast aside as waste. “The show is designed to start a dialogue and engage people about how they buy clothes, how they reuse clothes, how they reuse garments,” she said. “Consumer behavior will change the industry.” Luisa Cevese, the founder of the Milan-based design studio Riedizioni, embeds colorful silk selvedges into polyurethane to create waterproof material for purses and wallets. Vibrant silk pieces adorned her white bags, which added eye-catching pops of color and a feathery, fuzzy texture. On the ground below the suspended bags are colorful scraps in red, yellow, pink, purple and blue. Christina Kim, the founder of the Los Angeles-based fashion brand dosa, works with gossamer cloth used to craft saris worn in India and Bangladesh. Jack Borowiak | Hatchet Staff photographer Christina Kim, founder of the Los Angeles-based fashion brand dosa, uses scraps of various materials to make blouses, dresses and even tapestries. Kim’s pieces used pastel colors of mostly orange, blue, peach and cream fabric fallout, which is leftover material from clothing patterns. Kim’s dresses and skirts are pieced together from different scraps of fabric into new, wearable fashion with beautiful and delicate stitching. Reiko Sudo, the co-founder of Tokyo textile design firm NUNO, uses silk waste with a focus on the outermost layer of the silk cocoon that protects the silk fiber underneath and a residue that sticks to the spinning shaft to craft his textiles.

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